Princess Leonor of Spain to receive her own postage stamp

Princess Leonor of Spain has been honoured with her own postage stamp. Around 310,000 of the stamps will be printed and set for release in her home country on 2 October. The title of the collection is 'Great Prizes' and is all about celebrating the cultural awards named after Leonor's official title, Princess of Asturias.

The special stamps, priced at around 70p each, will feature a portrait of the Princess and an image of the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo, Spain, where the annual awards will take place on 23 October.

Princess Leonor has been honoured with her own postage stamp

The ceremony has only recently been renamed the Princess of Asturias Awards; since for nearly 35 years they were hosted by the then Prince of Asturias, Leonor's dad King Felipe VI.

Leonor's father was also nine years old when he first appeared on a Spanish stamp, with the title Felipe of Borbόn, Prince of Asturias and Basilica of Covadonga in 1977.

The young princess – known for sharing style with her glamorous mother, Queen Letizia – is one of the new generation of Europe's pint-sized future queens, which also include Princess Amalia of the Netherlands, Princess Ingrid of Norway, Princess Elisabeth of Belgium and Princess Estelle of Sweden.

The stamps will go on sale in Spain on 2 October

The nine-year-old is the heir to the Spanish throne and became the youngest heir presumptive in Europe when Juan Carlos I abdicated in June 2014 in favour of his son – Leonor's father – King Felipe VI.

The stamp is not the only honour Princess Leonor has received in the last year, after being immortalised in wax with a waxwork in Madrid's Wax Museum. Leonor's figure stands alongside waxworks of her parents, wearing a silver dress similar to the one she wore to her father's coronation in 2014.