Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's twins join climate change march

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco are helping their children get a head start on understanding topics close to their hearts. After revealing that twins Jacques and Gabriella have been watching a little bit of rubgy and football with the sports mad couple on TV, the Monegasque sovereign took the babies to the climate change march in the principality.


Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella will turn one on 10 December

Bundled up against the cold, the twins joined demonstrators at the event ahead of a meeting of world leaders in Paris to try and reach a pact on climate change.

The 37-year-old princess, a former Olympic swimmer, stopped regularly to hug other children on the march.

Prince Albert was very attentive to the children

Albert, 57, showed that he is a hands on father too, checking every now and then on Jacques and Gabriella, who will turn one on 10 December. It's easy to tell them apart, because the royals helpfully give them different coloured dummies – blue for Jacques and pink for Gabriella.

The proud parents having been updating the public about the progress of the twins on a regular basis. The little ones stole the show when they made a balcony appearance in honour of National Day.

The royal says the twins are learning to walk

Before that the royal babies joined their parents at a traditional picnic over the summer. Prince Albert recently revealed that Jacques and Gabriella are starting to take their first steps and trying to speak.

"They are beginning to take their first steps and trying to say little bits of words," Albert told Monaco Matin. "They really want to express themselves and I speak to them in French. In everyday life, they are very playful and curious."