Prince George and Princess Charlotte: A look at the unusual gifts they've received so far

Anyone would be happy to shower the young royals with special gifts. Prince George and his little sister Princess Charlotte may already have everything they need provided by their parents Prince William and Kate Middleton, but it looks like royal kids have received much more!

According to the official record released by the palace, George, 2, and his 8-month-old sister Charlotte have received almost 100 presents during their parent's official visits and tours, including pajamas, a snow suit and a painting of a samurai.



William and Kate have received over 100 gifts for their children Photo: Getty Images

When William went to Japan for the first time in February 2015, he took home some wonderful souvenirs for George from local well-wishers. The items included a wooden toy, the samurai painting and two Kendama games, which is similar to the cup-and-ball game. The Emperor and Empress of Japan gave Prince William a stuffed animal for his son.


Soccer fan Prince William looked happy to get a players' shirt for Princess Charlotte Photo: Getty Images

During his trip to the Far East, William also visited China, the first time a senior royal has done so since 1986. Here, the future King was inundated with gifts for himself, including a vase and a stand from President Xi Jinping, and a rug and a cellphone from well-wishers.

For his son, William received six DVDs, two toy airplanes and a pair of pajamas among other gifts.


Prince Harry has also received gifts for his niece and nephew Photo: Getty Images

William's brother Prince Harry was also given items for his niece and nephew. While on tour in New Zealand last May, the popular royal received three soft toy penguins, a snowsuit and sleep suit for baby Charlotte as well as a bib and quilt. Harry also accepted personalized sports shirts with George and Charlotte's names stitched on the back.

Proud grandfather Prince Charles was also the recipient of presents on behalf of the young Prince and Princess. Baby Charlotte was given a crocheted stroller blanket, a wooden rattle and a knitted dress from well-wishers in the Republic of Ireland. George, similarly, was given a knitted sweater and a giant lollypop.

Other royal gifts include a Brandenburg Gate, a very important monument, which was given to Queen Elizabeth during her trip to Germany from President Joachim Gauk, a 1lb bag of salt from the British Virgin Islands and the first rugby ball from the first Rugby World Cup in London, gifted by the organizers of the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

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