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Princess Estelle 'cooks' for mum Princess Victoria: watch the funny video

The little royal prepared Pasta Carbonara

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A future Queen and chef! Princess Estelle of Sweden adorably showed off her culinary skills whipping up a plate of "pasta carbonara" for her mum Princess Victoria during the mum-of-two's new interview with SVT Claes Elfsberg. "I'm so hungry," the Crown Princess told her young daughter as Estelle played in her red Solliden playhouse, once used by Victoria herself.

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The mother-daughter duo shared an adorable moment during the Crown Princess' most recent broadcast interview Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images

The 39-year-old asked her little girl what she was preparing, to which Estelle answered, "Pasta Carbonara." "How nice," Victoria said. Prince Oscar's big sister also handed her mum a "cucumber" to go with her Italian dish. After cooking for her, the five-year-old had an important question for Victoria. "Tell me when I'm going to drive," Estelle asked, to which Victoria replied, "It's gonna be time soon, I'd think."

 Estelle and Oscar are Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's children Photo: Erika Gerdemark, The Royal Court, Sweden

Prince Daniel, who married Victoria in 2010, previously opened up about his desire for his children to experience life as a non-royal. "Being with your children is the best thing in the world," he shared. "I also think it's important to let the children visit all sorts of environments. You need to know how the metro works, and what it's like to travel by bus and what it's like to stand in line, and what it's like to experience that passion within the sports community when there's a game and the [AIK football team's supporter club] Black Army is chanting away. That's something I don't want them to miss out on."


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