Find out how Kate Middleton’s ‘George’ necklace honors Princess Diana and how to get your own!

There is a big sense of tradition among the royal family, so it should come as no surprise that even gift giving has a customary flair to it. A necklace that Kate Middleton received from her sister Pippa, upon the birth of her son Prince George in 2013, carries a special resonance. The sweet Merci Maman designed gold necklace pays tribute to Princess Diana, who was given a similar one when she had her first child.



Kate Middleton was given a necklace that pays tribute to Princess Diana Photo:

The Duchess of Cambridge’s necklace is comprised of a small gold disc with the inscription “George Alexander Louis,” a tiny gold heart with a “W” (for William) and a little boy-shaped charm. It’s very similar to a necklace Prince Charles gave Diana upon the birth of Prince William in 1982, save for the inscription name, of course. Continuing the tradition was apparently a very intentional choice for Pippa when she made the purchase.

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London designer Merci expanded on the similarities in a post on her blog, writing: “Prince Charles gave Diana the gift of a gold pendant engraved with their new son’s name, which she always wore close to her heart. In 2013, Pippa Middleton continued this family tradition by giving her sister Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, our Personalized Duchess Necklace to celebrate the birth of Prince George.”


"Family was one of the closest things to Diana’s heart" Photo: Getty Images

Clearly Kate’s mother-in-law was the inspiration for the sentimental piece, which features similar loopy inscription handwriting just like the original did. The company’s site, explains: "Family was one of the closest things to Diana’s heart so it’s no surprise that this shone through in her jewelry, featuring personalized pieces and meaningful charms.”

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Fans of the famous family will be excited to know that for $102 (£79.00), notably not the largest amount for purchasing royal jewelry, you can order your very own personalized gold necklace by the same designer. If you prefer, you can also order the piece in sterling silver, with the choice of your own charms.