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Chocolate, one of Belgium's gastronomic delights

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We all know that Italy has olive oil, France has wine, Germany has sausages, and yes, Belgium has chocolate. Masters in the production of the delicious sweet, the country has earned itself the title of best chocolate in the world. So naturally, there are a wealth of chocolatiers to visit.


The Chocolate Line, legendary chocolate manufacturers located in Bruges and Antwerp, is a must-visit for you to admire the first ever machine designed for smelling the quality of chocolate by Domniqie Persoone.

What's more, Brussels hosts its very own chocolate week from November 19 - 25, celebrating the success of their handmade chocolate – superior to other types due to one key fact. The couverteur that the chocolatier receives is usually hard and then has to be reheated and molded to the desired shape. But Belgian chocolatiers receive the couverteur maintained at a high temperature – maintaining its special aroma and taste. An entire week dedicated to chocolate goodness will see a display of craft workshops where chocolatiers open their doors and offer a host of tasting opportunities. Yum!


And Belgium's delights don't stop there. Whether michelin star-studded cafes in luxury locations or local street stands serving waffles and moules-frites, the vibrant cities of Belgium offer enough to satisfy the taste buds of every appetite around. This year Brusselicious 2012 has turned the spotlight onto the country's culinary specialities.  Visitors can enjoy unique experiences like a gourmet tram dinner in a suspended restaurant above the city skyline at Dinner in the Sky, art exhibitions inspired by favourite foods, wine weeks, beer festivals and even the Brusselicious chip walk. 


With Belgium's adoration for all things cuisine, there's nothing stopping us from sharing their national past time and joining in the festivities.

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