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James Bond: Iconic 007 destinations revisited

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We all have our favourite James Bond. Or maybe favourite two, namely Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. But the Bond films are about much more than sexy spies, beautiful women emerging from the sea and incredible action-packed scenes atop cable-cars. They show us the breathtaking scenery, world-famous landmarks and hidden islands that make up today's iconic destinations from all over the world.In celebration of Bond's 50th anniversary and new release of Skyfall this October, we travel through decades past, to the top 10 most extraordinary 007 locations in history.

Every Bond film ever made brings with it a guaranteed promise of exhilarating scenes packed full of action. We are transported to a world of secrecy and scandal, love and betrayal, chase scenes and fight stunts, all set within a world of ultimate luxury in exotic locations.

The cast and crew have travelled everywhere from Hong Kong to Thailand, from Brazil to Jamaica and Canada to create these epic moments caught on camera.

And they have captured precious landscapes too, like Rio de Janeiro's 390-ft-high Sugar Loaf Mountain and one of India's most beautiful and picturesque lakes, Lake Picchola.


We all remember the martini moment that appears at every given chance where we wait in anticipation for Bond to utter those three famous words…But what would the epic storylines and thrilling turn of events be without the unique travel destinations and iconic scenery that play backdrop to all this excitement?

These foreign destinations have us reaching for our passports and are a true trademark to the films' ever growing success and popularity. 

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