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World Book Day: the best children's books to look out for

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World Book Day is taking place on Thursday 2 March, and what better way to celebrate than to treat your children to some brilliant new books? Whether you're looking for a new story to read them at bedtime or your kids are already reading on their own, there are some brilliant new releases which are sure to brighten up your little ones' day!

Younger kids can go on an exciting adventure with Michelle Robinson and David Roberts' A Beginner's Guide to Bearspotting, while older kids can channel their inner detective thanks to the Young Sherlock series. Meanwhile, author Jodie Parachini gets interrupted by party-loving animals in This is a Serious Book, while a teddy bear takes on a new job as a secret agent and takes on a thrilling mission in Mark Powers' Spy Toys.

As an extra treat, World Book Day has once again partnered with schools across the nation to give out over 15 million book tokens worth £1 each. Kids can spend them on the specially-written £1 books at the literary event, or get £1 off a full-priced book: the perfect excuse for budding bookworms to treat themselves!

Check out the best children's books to look out for this World Book Day…

spy toys

Spy Toys by Mark Powers

The world's leading toy manufacturer makes seriously impressive toys that have a tiny computerised brain and a unique personality: but every once in a while, there's a 'faulty' toy. That's what happens to Dan, a Snugliffic Cuddlestar bear who should be perfect for hugging, but is so strong he could crush a car! Thrown into the rejects pile, he meets Arabella – a doll who is not good with children – and Flax, a police robot rabbit gone AWOL. The unlikely trio find themselves recruited into a super secret spy agency. Their mission? Protect the prime minister's son from a kidnapping…

£5.99, published by Bloomsbury. Illustrated by Tim Wesson.


A Beginner's Guide to Bearspotting by Michelle Robinson and David Roberts

Looking for bears is a dangerous business – and no self-respecting bear spotter should go on an adventure without this laugh-out-loud guide! Whether you're searching for black bears or brown bears or a bit of both, don't head into the dangerous Bear Country without knowing your stuff first!

£6.99, published by Bloomsbury.

princess mirror belle

Princess Mirror-Belle and Snow White by Julia Donaldson

Ellen gets a big shock when her double appears out of the mirror – especially when it turns out Mirror-Belle is a mischievous princess! As she joins Ellen in the real world, she decides to help out with the local pantomime – but she goes seriously off script…

£1 on World Book Day, published by Macmillan. Illustrated by Lydia Monks.

st grizzles

St Grizzle's School for Girls, Goats and Random Boys by Karen McCombie

When Dani's mum heads off to the Antarctic to study penguins, eleven-year-old Dani is packed off to a strict girls' boarding school. Except that when she and her mum arrive, they discover there's been a major change in the teaching style – instead of rules, it's chaos and craziness, and there's even a goat! As homesick Dani waits for her mum to find an alternative, can St Grizzle's win her over?

£5.99, published by Stripes Publishing (Little Tiger Group). Illustrated by Becka Moor.

claude going for gold

Claude: Going for Gold by Alex T. Smith

When Claude and Sir Bobblysock discover a Very Exciting Sports Competition at their local sports centre, they are very excited – especially when they're asked to take part! However, Claude's doggy paddle isn't fast enough, and he's not great at gymnastics. However, when some robbers steal the Gold Cup, he starts to chase them – but can he catch them up?

£5.99, published by Hodder's Children Books

violet and the smugglers

Violet and the Smugglers by Harriet Whitehorn

Violet Remy-Robinson is a budding detective – nothing gets past her! When her Uncle Johnny invites Violet and her friends to spend the summer with him on a sailing adventure around Europe, she couldn't be any more excited – but there's something about the captain of the boat that seems shifty. Could he be the head of a smuggling ring? Violet investigates…

£6.99, published by Simon & Schuster

the pudding problem

Lyttle Lies: The Pudding Problem by Joe Berger

Sam Lyttle can't help himself: lying is so much easier than telling the truth. So every now and then, he tells the odd porky-pie, much to the annoyance of his family and friends. But is there more to his little white lies than meets the eye?

£6.99, published by Simon & Schuster

this is a serious book

This is a Serious Book by Jodie Parachini

The author of this book just wants to write a serious book, that's thoughtful and respectable. However, a group of animals are out to thwart her attempts – instead of a serious book, there's a donkey in a flowered hat, a laughing zebra, a marching penguin and cavorting monkeys! Join in the fun in this silly and sophisticated picture book…

£6.99, published by Faber & Faber. Illustrated by Daniel Rieley.

young sherlock

Young Sherlock: Night Break by Andy Lane

Sherlock is facing a whole host of troubles: his father has disappeared in India, his sister is acting strangely and even his brother Mycroft can't keep it together. Not to mention, the detective has a new mystery to solve, after a man living nearby vanishes without a trace! Where did he go and why is there a connection to a massive canal being built in Egypt? The answer will rock the world – but it could also tear the Holmes family apart…

£6.99, published by Macmillan

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