These are the most popular tourist destinations on Facebook

How many of these have you visited?

It seems that not a day goes by without seeing our Facebook friends using the 'Check-In' feature to show off their exciting and exotic holiday destinations on our news feed. And a new survey from online smartphone retailer has found that almost half (49%) of Brits admit to doing so at least once while on their holidays.  

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However some destinations are much more popular to share on social media than others, with New York's Times Square proving to be the top tourist hotspot to check into on Facebook. The research found that there have been over 8.7 million Facebook check-ins at the famous landmark to date, far surpassing its closest rival – Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Orlando – which visitors have checked into six million times.

Times Square in New York is the most popular tourist destination on Facebook

The United States appears to be the most popular country on the social network, making up seven of the top ten check-ins. The hotspots include Central Park in New York, The White House in Washington D.C, the Empire State Building and two of the most iconic hotels in Las Vegas – the MGM Grand and The Venetian.

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Rounding off the top ten are the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum in Paris, with the Sydney Opera House coming tenth with 2.2 million check-ins. See the full list of Facebook's most popular worldwide destinations below. How many have you visited?

Walt Disney World is the second most popular attraction

Total Facebook check-ins at most popular worldwide destinations (to date, as of 1st August 2017)

1) Times Square, New York - 8,700,000

2) Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom, Orlando - 6,000,000

3) Central Park, New York - 4,800,000

4) The White House, Washington D.C - 4,800,000

5) Eiffel Tower, Paris - 4,700,000

6) MGM Grand Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas - 3,400,000

7) Louvre Museum, Paris - 3,000,000

8) The Venetian Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas - 2,600,000

9) Empire State Building, New York - 2,500,000

10) Sydney Opera House, Sydney - 2,200,000

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