'Get a proper job,' career adviser told Tom Jones

'Get a proper job,' career adviser told Tom Jones

An embarrassed career adviser has revealed he once told musical legend Tom Jones to give up his dream of singing and "get a proper job".

Sir Tom was an unemployed pub singer in the Welsh valleys when Roger Dinham, now 64, offered him a job as a factory worker.

But the determined Welshman insisted on pursuing his dream and saw his £1-a-week benefit cut as a result.

"He said he was going to be a big star," says Roger, who worked in Wales's first job centre.

"I said I didn't care and he should get his backside down the factory. But I'm a fan and glad he ignored my advice."

The It's Not Unusual singer went on to sell 100 million records and amass a personal fortune of £175 million.

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Thursday February 4, 2010

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