'Insane' Christine Bleakley tries hand at 'wing-walking'

'Insane' Christine Bleakley tries hand at 'wing-walking'

Last year she successfully crossed the English Channel on waterskis to raise money for Sport Relief. 

This time round Christine Bleakley took to the skies for her latest daredevil feat.

Strapped to the top of a 1930s-designed Beoing Stearman plane, the 32-year-old 'wing-walked' high above the Gloucestershire countryside. 

The stunt was to promote the release of 3D animated movie Rio, which tells the story of a bird who cannot fly.

Frank Lampard's girlfriend later shared her feelings on the "insane" experience, calling it exhilarating and terrying all at once.

"Brave or stupid? I'm not sure which if I'm being honest," she laughed.

Photo: © ITV

Tuesday April 5, 2011

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