Ingredient of the week: the humble plum

Thursday August 5, 2010

Describing the flavour of a ripe plum is a very tricky thing as they vary so hugely depending on their variety, colour and origin. You’ll eat purple ones - the flesh the colour of a red grape - deep purple and tinged reddish pink at the edges, sweet and juicy. Then you may find a variety that look like the colour of a baby’s skin flushed with deep pink lines, the inside the colour of vibrant peachy roses that taste sweet and sour all at once. Greengages are a relative which make the most exquisite of jams – and one you don’t see too often. In fact, the whole plum family make brilliant jam. Just go lightly with the sugar as this will give a little welcome tartness to your preserve.

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  • Ingredient of the week: the humble plum

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