Rappers Jay Z and 50 Cent eye British TV jobs

Rappers Jay Z and 50 Cent eye British TV jobs

They're two of the biggest names in US rap, but 50 Cent and Jay Z have both fixed their attentions on appearing on British TV.

Surprisingly, 50 Cent has revealed himself as a big fan of Channel 4 series Shameless, and would like to make a guest appearance.

"I saw it when I was over in London… I was laughing out loud in my hotel room," says the singer.

"I have bought the DVDs since I've been back in the US and I'd be up for doing a cameo."

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams had better watch out, he's got competition in Jay Z, who has also expressed an interest in becoming an X Factor judge.

"Simon, if you need any help for the next series, let me know man and I'm your judge," he said.

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Thursday January 7, 2010

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