Queen to buy £3m private jet in attempt to cut travel costs

Tuesday July 7, 2009

After accounts showing that the royal family spent over £193,000 on chartering flights in the past year, Buckingham Palace is considering plans for the Queen to have her own private plane.

Senior officials at the Palace are currently "balancing up a number of issues" in regards to buying or leasing a plane and will decide next March whether to go ahead.

The cost of purchasing the second-hand BAe in question is approximately £3 million.

Last year Prime Minister Gordon Brown cancelled plans for an Air Force One-style plane - as used for private travel by the US president - which would have been shared with the Queen.

The £13 million plan was put on hold for cost-cutting reasons.

Until a decision is made next year, the queen will continue to travel on chartered flights.


Photo: ę Rex

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  • Queen to buy £3m private jet in attempt to cut travel costs

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