Charlie Sheen's stolen car found in 400-foot ditch

Monday February 8, 2010

A car belonging to Spin City actor Charlie Sheen has been discovered overturned at the bottom of a cliff near his Los Angeles home, police have said.

The car was reported stolen by the screen star and the incident is being treated as theft.

An on-board alarm alerted the emergency services that there was a problem with the Mercedes which was later found on its roof 400 feet down a cliff.

Officers said there was no evidence that anybody had been inside the car at the time of the crash.

Police have also ruled out any possibility that Charlie could have been in the car at the time as he would have been badly injured.

"I don't know how he would have gotten back up the cliff," officer Bruce Borihanh said.

Photo: ę Rex

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  • Charlie Sheen's stolen car found in 400-foot ditch

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