Mila Kunis likes men who can make her laugh

Mila Kunis likes men who can make her laugh

Mila Kunis has revealed she is attracted to funny men.

Despite reports of a romance with Justin Timberlake, the Black Swan star insists she remains a single lady and is on the lookout for a man who can make her laugh.

"Humour is an amazing quality to have. I like sarcasm, satire, self-deprecating humour.

"But I also think there's something to be said for not looking for anything and being pleasantly surprised," she told Glamour.

Following an eight-year relationship with Macaulay Culkin, Mila is getting used to the single life.

"That's what's changed the most since Black Swan. And not for the better," she continued.

"Being single, I find myself not being able to be in a room with a man without, the next day, I'm dating that man.

"I don't like being talked about, it's not fun for me."

The Ukraine-born actress, who turns 28 this month, also addressed the rumours that she is dating Friends With Benefits co-star Justin.

"He's incredibly funny, we laughed a lot on set.

"It's an unfortunate thing that comes with the circumstances, but there's no truth to it whatsoever," she said.

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Thursday August 11, 2011

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