Prince William lays low in Sydney

Prince William lays low in Sydney

He's been showing off many skills on his foreign tour - barbecuing, rugby tackling and Maori-dancing - and the multi-talented Prince William was at it again on Tuesday.

The second-in-line to the throne was rated as "excellent" by a senior officer when he took part in a live ammunition firing exercise with Australian soldiers.

His first time with the new rifle, the prince lay low and shot at a target from 100 metres away.

"That's good, that's excellent," Lt Col Trent Scott told him.

"If we had soldiers who came in here on the first day and did that, they would be a master shot in a couple of weeks.”

William is on the fourth day of his New Zealand and Australia tour, where he is representing the Queen for the first time.

On Tuesday the 27-year-old also enjoyed a jet-set trip around Sydney harbour on a speed boat and had a go at cooking local seafood.

Photo: Rex

Wednesday January 20, 2010

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