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Richard Branson is a 'proud dad' as son Sam proposes to his actress love

13 JUNE 2012

Months after Richard Branson 's daughter Holly shared her beautiful wedding exclusively with Hello!, it seems there may be another cause for celebration.

The tycoon all but revealed that his 26-year-old son Sam will wed Isabella Calthorpe with a telling post on his blog.

"Proud mum and dad! Can't wait to welcome another daughter into the family" he wrote.



According to the Daily Mail, Sam made a beachside proposal to his on-off girlfriend of seven years during a trip to Madagascar.

It's not yet known if he will follow in sister Holly's footsteps and wed in Necker Island – their father's sprawling 74-acre island home.

What is certain is that the blonde stage actress will be a wonderful addition to the family.

Her beauty, charm and aristocratic credentials once caught Prince William's eye, and the royal was rumoured to have ardently pursued her during his brief separation from Kate Middleton.



Both parties are now blissfully happy with their other halves, and Isabella was even invited to the royal wedding back in 2011.

The Branson nuptials will no doubt have a glamorous guest list.

Both Holly and Sam have close friendships with the young royals, particularly Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

And their cousin, Ned Rocknroll is enjoying a romance with British actress, Kate Winslet. The couple's love flourished on Necker Island when it was ravished by fire August 2011.


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