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The Queen of fashion: Her Majesty's top five outfits

24 MAY 2012

Lady Gaga made headlines when she stepped out in a dress almost entirely fashioned from meat.

And Madonna is known for her quirky outfit choices – think Met Ball 2009 – that set tongues wagging.

But when it comes to style influence, it seems the queens of pop cannot match our monarch.



New research of 2,000 Britons, conducted by, revealed that the Queen finished third in a poll of famous faces who most influence how women dress in the UK.

With 17% of the overall vote, the 86-year-old — who is celebrating 60 years on the throne this year — finished higher than her granddaughter-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Kelly Brook.

The online retailer also revealed Britain’s top five favourite outfits worn by the Queen.

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham garned 19% of the vote to take second place, while supermodel Kate Moss came out on top with 28%.

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