Celebrity Cancer

Cheryl Cole 30 June 1983

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Your Week Ahead: People need hooks to hang things on. Excuses. Reasons. Starting points. 'There's no bread so we must go shopping.' 'It is so-and-so's birthday, we must have a party.' 'This time is special. That need is pressing... therefore... etc...' We must not knock the flimsy justifications that keep us all going. We can question them, but we must remember, as we do, that no logic is flawless and no explanation is ever complete. If there is even half a point in doing what's on this week's agenda. That will be justification enough.
The current Grand Cross is the most significant astrological influence for a long time. Your week ahead audio forecast and your video forecasts will help you take advantage of this unique opportunity so you can achieve what you've been hoping for. They are free and they are here!

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