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Michelle Keegan 3 June 1987

Forecast for Findesemana 16 April 2014

How can you be sure that your zodiac forecast, today, has really been written by your regular astrologer? What if someone has secretly kidnapped Jonathan Cainer, learned to emulate his style and is about to give you bad advice which you will trustingly take - to your detriment? Should you be looking out for subliminal messages like 'Eat at Joes' or 'Drink Fizzo-Pop!' Hmmm. Maybe you have just seen them! Actually, you know it's me. And I know that today, I need to remind you that some concerns are just too silly to be distracted by!

This week's Lunar Eclipse and 'Grand Cross' together is the most significant astrological influence for some time. Anything and everything positive can happen. A full personal horoscope chart will allow you to take advantage of this unique opportunity so you can achieve what you've been hoping for. Get yours with a 20% discount here

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