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Kim Kardashian 21 October 1980

Libra forecast for Thursday 16 October, 2014

If you had a spaceship and you could point it in any direction, for which destination would you set the controls? The heart of the Sun? The dark side of the Moon? Aren't these really rather bleak choices? Wouldn't you prefer to find some abundant planet rich in resources and populated by wise, kind, intelligent souls who support and bring out the best in one another? To reach such a place, you need go nowhere in space but somewhere, instead, in time. Just head for your future. It is a golden land and a happy place.

Mercury is about to enter a state called 'Cazimi' forming a Stellium (or a triple conjunction) with the Sun and Venus - blazing with positive energy and bright inspiration. To celebrate, I'm offering a 20% discount for just 24 hours!

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