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Katy Perry 25 October 1984

Scorpio forecast for Thursday 1 October 2014

Most experts seemingly think that the total number of living humans today, is a little more than seven billion. They don't agree about how much that number will rise in coming years. Nor do they actually agree about what it was a few years earlier. Indeed, they aren't entirely sure that they agree about exactly what the number is now. But they are experts, they are all agreed upon one thing. They don't like to say 'I don't know'. Experts never do. If someone disagrees with you today, seek a second, or a third, or a seven-billionth opinion!

I've got so much more news about you and your future in your October video prediction. People say my audio and video forecasts are 'spookily accurate'. Watch the brand new message for the month ahead and see for yourself (for free). It's here!

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