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Adele 5 May 1988

Taurus forecast for Findesemana 17 October, 2014

What if, at the back of your sofa, an area of foam has grown thin and a strut attacks your back every time you sit in it? What if a spring in your mattress has come loose and now creates an uncomfortable lump whenever you lay down? Are you entitled to interpret either inconvenience as a sign that the universe somehow disapproves of you? Or is punishing you for some transgression? Nope! That's simply a sign that it's time to start thinking about changing your furniture. Perspective is everything this weekend.

Mercury is about to enter a state called 'Cazimi' forming a Stellium (or a triple conjunction) with the Sun and Venus - blazing with positive energy and bright inspiration. To celebrate, I'm offering a 20% discount for just 24 hours!

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