Jenny McCarthy reveals she won't wear Vera Wang as she talks upcoming wedding plans

Jenny McCarthy has been speaking out about her wedding plans and has admitted she would not want to wear a Vera Wang wedding dress because she is "so tired of everyone saying Vera Wang!"

Jenny became engaged to Donnie Wahlberg earlier in April and announced the news live on her television show.


Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg
Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg

Jumping up in excitement Jenny screamed "I just got engaged!" before showing off her gorgeous yellow sapphire ring.

Speaking of the ring, she said: "[Donnie] said, ‘If we were going to get engaged, what ring would you want?’ I said I wouldn’t want a big diamond; I’ve done it."

She went on to add that she likes the meanings behind sapphire stones and loved what her ring meant, saying: "I like sapphires for their stone, their meanings behind it. Then he went and surprised me! My ring is a yellow sapphire, which means wisdom and prosperity, which is why I like it."


She also discussed wedding dress colours and locations to People magazine, revealing that she is hoping to have a spring wedding.

"We’re like, do we do August and get it over with or do we wait a year? I think wait a year", she said, before adding that they are looking for an easy location for friends and family.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg
Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg

"We both like New York because [coming from] Chicago and Boston, everyone can get to New York", she told the magazine.

Jenny, 41, and 44-year-old Donnie began dating last summer and Jenny revealed that her son Evan, from her first marriage was involved in the proposal.

"Donnie could not have done it any better. He was going to do this, like, boat thing, and then at the last minute [changed it]", she said.

On The View, Jenny told her co-hosts and the audience: "This weekend I was sitting with Donnie and he went into the other room and out came Evan with a card that said 'Will.' And he ran away and came back with a card that said 'You,' and I knew what was happening and I just started crying. And then he came out with a card that said 'Marry,' but it was spelled 'Mary,' and the last time Donnie came out with Evan and Evan's shirt said 'Me?' and he was holding the ring. He asked, 'Will you marry me?' I of course said yes. And in that moment, Evan yelled, 'I have another dad! I have another dad.' And it was just, it made all of us cry."

She added: "I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. He's so wonderful."