Julianne Hough on her wedding style and looking forward to the 'mom' stage


Julianne Hough has opened up about her nuptials to Canadian hockey player Brooks Laich. Although the pair haven't managed to pin down a date yet, the bride-to-be knows the kind of “vibe” she wants for her wedding.

“We're not great planners, we don't even have a date yet,” she explained to Refinery 29 but revealed that she and her fiancé have talked about some wedding details. “We both want to keep it as intimate as possible – that's just more our style and our vibe, but I have a very big family, so intimate to us might be big to some people,” she said, adding that she is “pretty sure” that the nuptials will take place outdoors.

Julianne says the wedding will be a big family affair Photo: Getty Images

The former Dancing with the Stars judge may have started planning the big day but feels no pressure to rush down the aisle. She shared, “We're really just enjoying our engagement period because we're never going to be here again.”

The activewear designer continued: "Even when we were dating, we were like, 'Let's just be boyfriend and girlfriend.' And now that we're engaged, it's 'let's just be fiancés,'. When we get married, we'll be husband and wife. And then,we'll be mom and dad. We just want to enjoy each stage of our relationship."

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The couple got engaged in August 2015 Photo: Getty Images

In addition to spending time with her fiancé, the 27-year-old is enjoying taking some time out for herself and looking to the future. “This is the first time I've ever just been kind of free of any contracts," she said. "I'm not doing Dancing with the Stars, I'm not on any kind of tour.”

The avid blogger added, "I think in the next phase of my life, I really want to create and develop projects. I think the thing that really fulfills me and inspires me is just creating — coming up with an idea and seeing it through to fruition."