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We're with Team Edward: the Twi-Hards lay themselves at Robert Pattinson's feet

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Eternal devotion doesn't get much stronger than this. LA gave itself over to the vampire world as the Twilight fans greeted their heroes with excited screams at the premiere for Eclipse, the latest in the movie franchise. In some cases the so-called Twi-Hards had been camped out in the heat for four days. As far as the eye could see at the city's Nokia Theatre girls were waiting in anticipation with banners and mobile phones at the ready, hoping for a snap of their idols. And when Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner - the trio at the centre of the love triangle in film – finally exited their limos a deafening roar went up. Walking the black carpet in a natty burgundy suit, handsome English actor Rob used the occasion to deny claims that he's fed up with the hoopla. "Anyone who says they're tired of this is really crazy." Thinking about his life without Twilight reminds him of what he was doing before, "which was sitting around doing nothing," he quipped wryly. Despite the adulation, Rob didn't have much time to bask in the limelight. "I have to work tomorrow," he explained. "I've got a 5:00am start on a film Water For Elephants". It wasn't just the teen contingent that had been seduced by the charms of his character Edward. Several celebrities were on-hand too. Among them The Ghost Whispherer actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, who said she was firmly on Team Edward - as opposed to Team Jacob, that of his love rival. She enthused: "He sparkles in the sunlight, he carries her through the forest, he's hopelessly devoted, he's never going to leave her. What more do you need?"

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