Simon Cowell's lifestyle secrets are revealed in tell-all biography

Simon Cowell enjoys twice-yearly botox and intravenous vitamin injections to keep him looking young, according to the unofficial biography of the TV star.

In the latest extract of Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell, which is being serialised in The Sun, the Britain's Got Talent and US X Factor judge is said to use black loo roll in his bathroom and have a feature in his garden that makes him look as though he can walk on water.

The book, by Tom Bower, implies that he has "life-enhancing" fresh fruit sent to him by air freight and drinks two smoothies a day made from exotic plants.


The star also has massages, chest waxes, wears tooth caps and dyes his hair, according to the book, which previously revealed he had an affair with Dannii Minogue.

According to the author, the TV talent show supremo is put on an intravenous drip in his bedroom every Saturday afternoon, whenever he is in the US, to pump magnesium, B vitamins and pure vitamin C into his bloodstream.

He is also said to travel everywhere with two large suitcases packed with potions, eye drops, face creams, bath salts, lotions and shampoo.

Yesterday Simon's publicist Max Clifford said he was "disappointed" his client had co-operated with the writer on the book and said it had been a "massive own goal". 

Max said on ITV1's This Morning: "My advice was 'don't talk to Tom' because if you do people will think that you've worked with him on the book, as opposed to him coming out with a book and you saying 'well that's Tom's view of everything, but I've never spoken to him'."

He continued: "The big problem I've had with this is because a lot of it is from Simon's own words, and this is a man who for 10 years I protected and always was desperately, desperately keen to have a private life and keep his private life very private.

"Of course I'm disappointed. We've had a close relationship for many, many years, I think the world of the guy."

Simon himself posted a message on Twitter to point out that this was not an official biography although he did not deny he had taken part in the book's preparation.

He said: "This book is not written by me. It is unauthorised. The writer is Tom Bower."