Britain's Got Talent winner Pudsey to follow in Uggie's pawprints

He celebrated his Britain's Got Talent success with a delicious steak. But there are more exciting things on the menu for Pudsey the dog.

The cute pooch's owner Ashleigh Butler has revealed film offers have come rolling in – and industry experts say he could earn as much as £5 million in the next five years.




Seventeen-year-old Ashley didn't reveal details of the movie offers, but said she thought Pudsey had the potential to follow in the footsteps of Uggie the Jack Russell, from Oscar-winning movie The Artist.

"I've seen Uggie and I think he is great, but I completely believe that Pudsey could do the kind of tricks and acting that he does," said the youngster.

Pudsey already has his passport ready for Hollywood, but he will apparently travel there on Simon Cowell's private jet when the time is right.

Ashleigh, from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, won £500,000 when viewers voted her the winner for the pair's Mission Impossible-themed routine.


The six-year-old dog, a cross breed of border collie, Chinese crested powderpuff and bichon frise origins, now has his own agent and is set to make a lot more from book deals, dog food advertising contracts and film deals.

In addition, industry experts have said he could net as much as £25,000 from personal appearances.

Pudsey, who has been insured for £1 million, was Ashley's 11th birthday present from her mum.

Ashleigh says: "I started training Pudsey in agility from 12 months and he’s been doing canine freestyle since he was three.

"He's still so young and absolutely loves training and performing. If we don’t do anything for the day he runs around as if he's saying, 'Come on, come on, let's go'."

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