HELLO!'s sister publication goes tropical with launch of Dominican ¡HOLA!

The Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic is the latest country to join the list of the HELLO! and ¡HOLA! magazine family. The Spanish-based publishing company of celebrity titles, has added a new member to its rapidly growing portfolio of international magazines with the birth of ¡HOLA! REPUBLICA DOMINICANA.

The first issue of the magazine, which greeted readers with an exclusive 'at home' photo-shoot starring Marisela, one of the Dominican Republic's top celebrities, went on sale on June 27 in the Dominican Republic. This made it the 22nd edition of the brand to launch since ¡HOLA! decided to go international with the 1988 publication of HELLO! in the United Kingdom.

To mark the launch, ¡HOLA! REPUBLICA DOMINICANA invited guests to a spectacular, star-studded party of over 1,000 in the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo, which drew celebrities from all over. The President of the publishing group, Patricia de Moya spoke of her excitement at the new venture:

"As ¡HOLA! arrives in our country, we start a new stage which allows us to celebrate all the glamour, beauty and excitement of our land. We've all lived with the ¡HOLA! brand throughout our lives - today we can finally toast the Dominicans with their own magazine, brought to them with the highest attention to detail".

Meanwhile, Eduardo Sanchez Perez, the CEO of the HELLO! and ¡HOLA! group, added:

"I want to express the excitement that we feel in Spain as we welcome you to our great global ¡HOLA! family. I can sense the emotion that starting such an important project means to you."