Fifty shades of great for magnificent mama Monica Bellucci

Days shy of her 48th birthday, mother-of-two Monica Bellucci continues her glamorous domination of the world's film festivals.

The latest to be treated to her magnetic Italian charisma are the San Sebastian set. Monica descended on the Spanish town to promote her latest offering, Rhino Season.

With her famous figure draped in an elegant grey lacy number, the leading lady made sure she secured her movie the appropriate amount of attention.




The actress seems to effortlessly find a balance between her work commitments and her home time. French actor husband Vincent Cassel was presumably at home with their two daughters Deva, eight, and Leonie, two.

Monica is a champion of women embracing maturity and directing their lives on their own terms.

In a past interview with the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, she discussed having children later in life.

"It's a fact a lot of women wait until they are in their late 30s to have children. They have financial security, a home, a partner and then they think of children. 


"You have to remember that women are now living on average until 85 years so there is plenty of time. To put it into perspective if you or I had been born at the beginning of the 19th century we would probably have been dead at 40.

"Things are different today and women in their 60s look fantastic. So now you can have a child in your 40s and look forward to watching them grow up."

To punctuate her point, Monica posed pregnant on the magazine's cover, aged 45.

Nowadays, the Dolce & Gabbana model, pictured above lapping up her role, is very comfortable in her own– admittedly fabulous – skin.

"I feel much better in myself mentally today than when I was 20. I am confident and I deal with my problems better. I accept who I am and that perfection doesn't exist," she said.