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Kylie Minogue's hunky beau Andres Velencoso premieres his new body of work

andres velencoso
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Kylie Minogue's Spanish partner Andres Velencoso has made the transition from model boyfriend to big screen actor. The Catalan hunk recently landed a role in the flick Fin, and his celluloid venture finally premiered in Madrid on Tuesday evening.


While Andres looked as poised on the red carpet as he does in his modeling campaigns, his superstar girlfriend was notably absent from the guest list. Nonplussed, the star looked delighted to be introducing his new body of work to audiences. His film tells the story of a group of friends who navigate the rugged dangers of the Pyrenees Mountains.   The role is certainly something the 34-year-old is taking seriously. Speaking to the Evening Standard ahead of the film's screening, he confessed: "The worst that could happen would be for people to say: 'This guy cannot act. He is just another pretty face on the big screen'''.


It remains to be seen what the reception will be, but one thing is certain – Andres will be able to rely on his girlfriend for support and understanding. Kylie herself is once again embracing the acting world with an appearance in French film Holy Motors. Ms Minogue is also celebrating 25 years in the music industry. In the couple's personal lives, things remain as harmonious as ever. Four-and-a-half years after they first met, Andres and Kylie are constantly photographed looking blissfully happy. In the past, Kylie opened up about her relationship, exclusively telling HELLO! "We're very much together, very happy, and very much in love. He makes me laugh because he's not afraid to make a fool of himself. It’s really endearing when a man is that confident about himself that he’s happy to just goof around."

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