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Bradley Cooper nips his hunky status in the bud as 'The Hangover 3' stills are revealed

bradley cooper
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Bradley Cooper seems to be taking a cheeky delight in playing around with his Hollywood dreamboat status. Months after the actor stunned fans with his theatre stint as The Elephant Man, he apparently revealed some body shocks of his own on the Ellen DeGeneres Show – his three extra nipples.


Things started well enough, with Bradley offering himself up to Ellen and her – predominantly female – audience, asking: "Do you remember when you asked me last time if I could take my shirt off?". The delighted screams that comment drew soon trickled into nervous laughter as the 37-year-old revealed his past shyness was due to his "disgusting" third nipple, which he proceeded to showcase along with more dubious appendages on his wrist and ankle. "This is so sick," he said, clearly thrilled by the uneasy reaction he was getting. Luckily, the impromptu show and tell session turned out to be a joke that was very much on Bradley's army of female fans who had packed into the studio for the pre-recorded show. While the actor – said to be dating Zoe Saldana – toyed with his hunky image, the film that catapulted him to the big league was countering the damage.


This week, The Hangover Part III released the first achingly cool stills from the film's latest instalment. Images from the popular bromance romp show Bradley and co-stars Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Justin Bartha, strolling through the streets of Las Vegas in a set up which evokes the Beatles' famous Abbey Road pose. The Hangover Part III hits theatres in the spring, but in the meantime, its star is busy promoting another project, Silver Linings Playbook, where he gives a stellar turn as a recently released mental patient clawing his way back to love and happiness. In fact, the film might even yield its leading man some award season gold – Bradley is in the running for the Golden Globes's Best Comedy Actor gong, and The Screen Actors Guild also gave him a nod for their big prize. All eyes will be on him to see if those nominations can be converted into awards when the ceremonies take place in early 2013.

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