Robin Gibb left £26m fortune to Dwina and three children

Late Bee Gee Robin Gibb left his entire £26m fortune to his widow Dwina and three of his children.

The singer passed away in May 2012 after a long battle with liver and colon cancer. He was mourned by Robin-John, his 28-year-old son with Dwina, as well as the children of his first marriage Spencer, 41, and Melissa, 39.

Dwina and her son Robin-John remember the late Bee Gee

Robin also left behind a daughter named Snow Robin, now four, whose mother was the Gibbs' housekeeper Claire Yang.

According to the Daily Mail, his money was placed in a trust fund, with all the profits to go to his wife. She has also been granted all of his “personal chattels” and the rights to his share of royalties from the Bee Gees’ back catalogue, which includes hits such as Staying Alive and How Deep Is Your Love.

Spencer and Melissa will receive £500,000 immediately, with the remainder of the estate to be split between them and Robin-John on Dwina's death.

Claire has reportedly been allowed to keep an £850,000 house in Amersham that the Bee Gee bought for her. Provision is also thought to have been made for Snow in the months leading up to Robin's death, amounting to £5 million.

The 15-page will is believed to have been drawn up in August 2011, nine months before the star's death and was witnessed by the singer's chauffeur and personal assistant.

Dwina and Robin in 2009

In the final paragraph, he stated that he was “in the process of making reasonable financial provision for Snow”, asking for his trustees to provide for her if he did not.

The amount bequeathed in the will was significantly lower than the value of his £93 million estate, some of which was held overseas or else already jointly owned with his wife.

Details of the will have been revealed just as the family have something to celebrate.

Last week on 17 July Robin-John's girlfriend Megan gave birth to a son named Maxwell-Robin John Gibb.

In an exclusive interview emotional grandmother Dwina told HELLO! that the baby looked just like his father.

"He's gorgeous," she said. "He has dark hair, like RJ's, and I think his eyes are going to be dark like his, too. I held him for hours and didn't want to put him down."

"I'm thrilled to bits about the baby and it's a shame that Robin's not here but I feel he's sharing in the happiness anyway."