Kanye West hires Lindsay Lohan's attorney to defend his case

Kanye West has hired Lindsay Lohan's attorney to defend him in a civil lawsuit filed against the rapper by a paparazzo.

Kanye, who is being sued by photographer Daniel Ramos, has been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for a scuffle that happened in July.



The rapper's high-profile lawyer Shawn Holley is set to defend him in court, and will reportedly claim self defence on behalf of Kanye, according to RadarOnline.com.

"Kanye West responded to this assault by doing only those acts that were reasonably necessary for his self-defence and safety and was justified in doing those acts," responded Shawn in a statement.

"Daniel Ramos wilfully and wrongfully caused Kanye West to reasonably believe his safety was in immediate danger."


The reported assault took place at the Los Angeles International Airport, where Kanye reportedly yelled abuse at Daniel for trying to take snaps. He allegedly attacked the photographer by grabbing his shoulders and shoving him to the ground, which was caught on camera by other paparazzi.

Both of Kanye's charges are misdemeanours, but the rapper could be sentenced to a year in jail if found guilty.

Shawn has previously defended celebrities including Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Mike Tyson and the late Michael Jackson.