Khloé Kardashian's split from Lamar Odom is 'unavoidable'

The last few months have taken their toll on Khloé Kardashian as she battles to save her relationship with Lamar Odom.

Now sources close to the reality star, who has been living apart from her husband for weeks, have said Khloé may finally be accepting that her four year marriage is over.



"She just doesn't know if she can work this out," a friend told People.

Another insider from the Kardashian circle added, "It doesn't seem like a reconciliation is any closer to happening.

"It's like the situation is too far gone at this point for a split to be anything but unavoidable."

One thing is for sure, the 29-year-old is not taking her decision lightly. "Two years ago, Khloé thought they'd be married with two kids. There's still a lot of uncertainty."

In the last six weeks, Khloé has had to deal with her husband's drug addiction, his arrest and allegations of infidelity.


So far she has refused to publicly discuss the ongoing drama in her personal life, save for a few cryptic messages on social media.

On Tuesday, her estranged husband was spotted at her home in Tarzana, California. According to reports, the visit was not scheduled, but the couple did sit down for a serious talk.

The meeting itself was not out of the ordinary for Khloé and Lamar, who despite living apart have remained in contact.

And there may still be a flicker of hope for the pair. Although she has removed the surname Odom from her social networking profiles, Khloé tweeted a touching message on Wednesday, using her married initials.

"Promise me u'll always remember: u're braver than u believe. I am brave because of u.

"The love u gave made me brave. All we need is love #KKO."