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Myleene Klass shows off her bikini body in new Instagram pictures

Myleene Klass shows off her bikini body in new Instagram pictures
Myleene Klass

is no stranger to causing a stir with her bikini body.


In 2006 she caught the nation's attention with

her famous 'bikini shower moment'


I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here

and in a series of new Instagram photos the mum-of-two proves shes's in as good a shape as ever.


myleene 10
"Lota love for my bikini"

Myleene, who has daughters Ava, six, and two-year-old Hero, posted the pictures while on holiday in South Africa."Lota love for my bikini," tweeted Myleene with a picture of herself in the sleek black two-piece. "It's out next week in my #littlewoods range. Go treat yourselves girls xxx #preview"."

Off to see something with a bigger mouth than me #jaws#shark#southafrica

," added the 35-year-old as she headed off to dive with sharks. "

So excited! #sharksinthewild#jamesbond"


myleene 4
"Off to see something with a bigger mouth than me"

Myleene's sunny holiday didn't get off to the best start, on Monday the former Hear'Say singer tweeted that her luggage had been lost.

Myleene Klass hints Simon Cowell asked for date

"12 hour flight. Luggage missing #AGAIN. #waaaaaah," she posted with a photo oh herself looking sad by a baggage reclaim carousel.

myleene 1
"Luggage missing #AGAIN"

In spite of the luggage mishap, however, Myleene's fun-filled holiday shows she's happier than ever nearly two years after her husband dramatically left her on her 34th birhday.In April 2012 the radio Dj was left shocked with Graham Quinn walked out on Myleene and their two daughters.While she won't to go into the specific details about why Gary ended the 6-month marriage for the Hero and Ava's sake, Myleene has spoken about how she coped during the breakup and how she believes that "money is the root of all evil."

myleene 11
Myleene and her daughter Ava in 2011

"It's horrific," Myleene said. "I'm still in the middle of it. I’m still at that stage of thinking 'is this actually happening? Am I in the middle of a nightmare and about to wake up?'"

Myleene Klass opens up about the husband who left her on her 34th birthday

The singer went on to say that her friends had had their suspicions about her former security guard Graham. "Everyone had an opinion," said Myleene, and where they right about him? "Yes."

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