Anna Dello Russo turns 52: Find out what's in the stars for her, and you, today...

Happy birthday Anna Dello Russo! To celebrate the Vogue editor’s 52nd birthday HELLO! Online take a look at what’s in the stars for Anna, and you…

A bicycle must have two wheels. A pair of scissors must have two blades. A partnership must involve two people. All is well when the two are able to work as one, respecting each other's existence as they co-operate and communicate. But when there's friction or dysfunction, the simplest things turn tricky. Even if recent events have made you uncomfortably aware of what's wrong with how you interact with another individual, you have both now seen the problem, you both want to fix this. And you both yet will.

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Anna Dello Russo at Paris Fashion Week March 2014

A self-described "passionate fashionista", Anna Dello Russo is a popular fashion editor for Vogue and is regularly snapped wearing exact looks taking from the runway – a rare look.

Born in southern Italy, Anna studied Art History at university before attending Domus Academy, a prestigious and private school of design which focuses on fashion, industrial design and design management.

In the 1980s and 1990s Anna worked for Conde Nast Italia, before working her way to become fashion editor at Vogue Italia and later editor of L’Uomo Vogue.

She now works at editor-at-large and creative consultant of Vogue Japan.

She has previously spoken of her love of fashion, stealing clothes from her mother, sister, and friends when she was younger, and has spoken of the importance of a look.

"When I was a teenager, you know, you want to be cool. I don’t want to be cool! I want to be fashion", she said to New York magazine in 2010, before adding: "You see the runway look—they look fantastic! Why change? I like to take the dream and put it on me."

In 2012 Anna collaborated with H&M on a range of jewellery, and is a regular at the international fashion weeks, including London and New York.