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Hugh Jackman steps out following removal of second cancerous growth

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Two days after confirming that he had a basal-cell carcinoma removed on Thursday night, straight after finding out the results of a biopsy, the 45-year-old actor made an appearance at the New York premiere of his latest silver screen venture X-Men: Days of Future Past wearing a bandage on the right side of his nose.

The father-of-two seemed in good spirits about his prognosis, saying: "It's all out now" and encouraged others to "get check-ups and wear sunscreen". Hugh also thanked the surgeons who carried out the late-night operation, writing: "Huge thanks to Dr. Arian and Dr. Born for operating on my nose until 10:20pm! #SUNSCREEN" on his Twitter page.

In November 2013 Hugh revealed her had undergone treated for the same form of skin cancer on his nose and thanked his wife Deborra-Lee Furness for urging him to seek medical attention.The Wolverine  actor shared an Instagram photo of himself wearing a plaster with the caption "Deb said to get the mark on my nose checked. Boy, was she right! I had a basal cell carcinoma.""Please don't be foolish like me," he added. "Get yourself checked. And USE sunscreen!!!"

Joining Hugh at the X-Men premiere on Saturday were Ellen Page, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Peter Dinklage, Michael Fassbender, Emma Roberts, Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence. Thrilled to be reunited with his co-stars, Hugh was seen laughing and joking with them as well as giving a thumbs up sign to the camera.The Prisoners  actor also made a sarcastic reference to the grand scale of the movie by posting a picture of the large star-studded cast up on Instagram with the caption "Small indie film premiere...."

 Hugh has clearly been in his element promoting the highly anticipated film, which he says has the "best fans ever", and posted a picture of himself giggling with James and Michael during a press conference."Me and the boys .... not being proper. Again," he wrote. "Headed to the principal's office. #xmen #xmenlive". 

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