Tom Fletcher shares cute photo of double act: baby Buzz and Buzz Lightyear

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's baby boy is certainly living up to his name.

The couple's adorable son Buzz, who is seven-months-old, channelled his namesake Buzz Lightyear from the popular children's film Toy Story.

Melting hearts with a cute snap on Instagram, Tom, 29, shared a photo of his firstborn dressed in the same outfit as the fictional astronaut.



Baby Buzz, seven-months-old, channels Buzz Lightyear in his giggly snap

"Buzz Lightyears to the rescue!" the McBusted singer captioned the amusing double act image. Baby Buzz was captured giggling at the camera, sweetly positioned next to the cuddly toy that is bigger than him.

This is not the first time Tom has proudly showed off Buzz's quirky and colourful wardrobe.

Last month the All About You singer again took to Instagram to post the sweetest snap of Buzz dressed up as a spotty monster, complete with a cap that featured horns. "He totally chose this outfit himself today," Tom wrote, much to the delight of more than 93,000 followers.


'He totally chose this outfit himself today,' Tom Fletcher captioned it

HELLO! Online blogger Giovanna, also 29, shared the same image in her latest blog post, and gave a little insight into how her baby boy was developing.

"Remember I mentioned a little while ago about Buzz's flat head?" she wrote. "Well it's nowhere near as bad as it was, but our doctor referred us to a physiotherapist just to check everything was okay.

"We met a lovely lady who gave Buzz lots of toys to play with while she checked out his development. The main thing she noted was that he wasn't sitting up… But not because of anything sinister – he was just too laidback to bother." 


HELLO! Online blogger Giovanna Fletcher and her 'little monster'

"She helped him find a strong base to balance on, and he's basically spent hours sitting in that position ever since," Giovanna added. "Turns out he just needed to be shown that it required far less effort than he was using to hoist his toys above his head when rolling around the floor with them. Now he has both hands free to play and explore… And reading is much easier when you have two hands to bash a book with!"

The author similarly shared an Instagram photo of herself and Buzz in his fancy dress outfit, this time cradling her son in her arms. "Me and my little monster. ❤ He cracks me up! Xxx," she captioned it.