Buzz plays starring role in Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's Ice Bucket Challenge video

While the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become a familiar sight to many in recent days, Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's baby son Buzz looked on with an understandably quizical expression as his parents doused themselves with ice-cold water in a new online video.

The adorable youngster sat in his highchair while McBusted star Tom and HELLO! Online blogger Giovanna took on the fundraising challenge.

Looking from one parent to the other as they look it in turns to upturn buckets of water on eachother, Buzz sat patiently with a confused look on his face.

A soaking Tom then revealed the couple's nominations.

"We would like to nominate our newlywed friends Mr and Mrs Jones," he said. "Danny and Georgia, and my bandmate Harry Judd and his wife Izzy and my sister Carrie Hope Fletcher."

Tom Fletcher congratulates newlyweds Danny Jones and Georgia Horsley

Giovanna then picked her best friend Kara Tointon and Juicemaster Jason Vale, who has recently helped the couple undertake a juice diet.

As the video concluded, proud parents Tom and Giovanna turned to Buzz.

"Our son Buzz isn't getting away with it," said Tom, picking up a plastic bucket.

"Are you ready little boy? Three, two one..." said Giovanna, as her husband pretened to tip water over their son's head.