Kylie Minogue celebrates turning 47

Happy birthday, Kylie Minogue! As the international pop superstar turns 47, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Kylie, and you...

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Kylie Minogue in 2015

With a music career spanning nearly 30 years, Kylie Minogue has more than proved her staying power in the fickle world of pop.

Born in 1968, at the age of 18 Kylie was cast in the Australian soap Neighbours as Charlene. The show was hugely popular in the UK and one of the most famous storylines was the romance of Charlene and Scott Robinson, played by Jason Donovan, Kylie's real-life boyfriend.

Their love story culminated in a wedding episode watched by 20 million British viewers - and in 2015, Kylie reflected on the wedding for the Australian soap's 30th anniversary: "Even though it was make believe there was lots of excitement, I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else."

It was during a benefit concert with her Neighbours co-stars in 1987 that Kylie first caught the attention of record companies - and she soon signed a deal.

Her first single, The Loco-Motion went to number one in Australia, and she soon visited the UK where she worked with the music world's most famous producers of that time, Stock Aitken and Waterman.

Her first six singles in the UK all reached the top five, but by the 1990s Kylie was determined to shed her good-girl image, and in 1993 she left Stock Aitken and Watermen. Kylie later said of that time: "I was very much a puppet in the beginning. I was blinkered by my record company. I was unable to look left or right."

Throughout the 1990s Kylie remained a fixture in the UK charts with her songs regularly entering the top 20. She ventured off the pop path though, with her projects notably including a collaboration with rock frontman Nick Cave.

In 2000 Kylie returned to her roots with Spinning Around, a dance-pop-disco infused song which became the star's first UK number one in ten years. Then in 2001, she released the biggest-selling single of her career, Can't Get You Out of my Head.

In 2005 the songstress revealed that she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and has been credited with encouraging women to get checked regularly. Kylie cancelled her world tour to undergo chemotherapy but later returned to the stage.

As of 2014 the singer had released her 12th studio album, and completed her 14th tour.

The Australian beauty has also been a judge and mentor on the UK version of The Voice, and in 2004 took a position on the version of the show which airs in her home country.