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Katy Perry named Forbes' highest-paid female celebrity

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Katy Perry has beaten her rival Taylor Swift to be named the highest-paid female celebrity of the year. The 30-year-old earned $135million over the past year, making her not only the highest paid female, but also the third highest paid celebrity of the year.

The Roar singer was among only 16 women to make the Forbes list of 100 top-earning celebrities. Other ladies on the list include Taylor Swift with $80million, comedian Ellen DeGeneres with $75million and Lady Gaga, who earned $59million.

Rounding off the top five earning female celebrities is Beyoncé Knowles, who made $54.5million.

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Speaking to Forbes following the announcement, Katy said she was proud of her success and hoped she could inspire others.

"I am proud of my position as a boss, as a person that runs my own company," she said, adding: "I'm not here to brag. I'm here to inspire other females."

Katy also appears on the cover of the magazine wearing a blazer emblazoned with gold dollar signs, and defended her decision to talk openly about her success on Monday night.

Taking to Instagram, Katy wrote: "Before accepting the offer to be on the cover of Forbes, I was told that a lot of women have previously shied away from doing it. I wondered if it was because they thought socially it would look like they were flaunting or bragging or it wasn't a humble decision.

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Katy Perry is currently enjoying a break from her world tour

"Ladies, there is a difference between being humble and working hard to see the fruits of your labour blossom, and your dreams realized. Hopefully this cover can be an inspiration to women out there that it's okay to be proud of hard earned success and that there is no shame in being a boss.

"Also… don't think that I didn't celebrate this moment by going straight to Taco Bell and getting my crunch wrap supreme #ontourbreak."

Over the past five years, the Roar singer has reportedly made $303million from her music, touring and endorsement deals. As well as selling 11 million albums and 81 million singles since her rise to fame in 2008, much of Katy's fortune will have come from her extensive touring which saw her perform 124 concerts in 27 countries as part of her Prismatic world tour.

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