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Exclusive: everything you need to know about Mariah Carey's 35-carat diamond ring

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She's known as one of the biggest divas in the music world so it only seemed right that Mariah Carey would be given such an impressive ring. The Butterfly singer will be walking down the aisle to become Mrs James Packer and weighing her down is a 35-carat diamond ring, designed by good friend Wilfred Rosado.


James, who is Australia's fourth richest person, presented Mariah with the impressive rock, at a party attended by her friends and family on 21 January. Said to be worth £8 million, the ring seals a whirlwind seven-month courtship.


james © Photo: Getty Images

James popped the question to Mariah

To make sure she said yes, the billionaire turned to Mariah's close friend and jewellery designer, Wilfred Rosado, to create the dazzling diamond ring for his bride-to-be.

Speaking exclusively to HOLA! TV, the renowned jewellery designer opened up about how it felt to be chosen to create such a special ring for his friend.

"Obviously an incredible honour for me," he said. "I think it's a ring that will go down in history and to be a part of that is very humbling for me. For Mariah, who is a dear friend of mine, and her fiancé to choose me to make that ring, I can't express how that feels."

smilering © Photo: Getty Images

Mariah's good friend Wilfred Rosado designed the ring

Wilfred disclosed that the 48-year-old businessesman made sure he was involved with the creation, but for the designer, his own creativity made this ring one of his favourite pieces of jewellery to date.

"I consulted with James on a regular basis," he revealed. "I wanted to make sure he was happy with the direction of the ring but obviously my creativity and my vision is very much part of that piece. I mean that ring, to me, is one of my biggest achievements in terms of the looks, the balance, the proportion - everything about it to me is perfection."

ring © Photo: Getty Images

The 35-carat diamond ring is said to be worth £8 million

Wilfred revealed how Mariah reacted when she discovered her friend was responsible for creating her precious ring. "Her initial reaction was that it was a masterpiece and she thanked me for sharing my talent with her," he said.

But the American singer was not the first celebrity to own an impressive piece by the much-respected jewellery designer.

"The first person was Gwyneth Paltrow which was, I think about a couple weeks after I launched my first collection," Wilfred shared. "I was in Los Angeles and I was out there for the Grammy Awards, it was my first time showing my collection to the celebrity stylists in LA.

wilfred © Photo: Getty Images

Wilfred has also designed pieces for Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna

"I didn't know if Gwyneth was going to wear the piece or not, I didn't know until I saw her appear on the television screen and when I saw it was very, very emotional for me."

Along with Mariah and Gwyneth, the designer's A-list clients include Julia Roberts, Rihanna, Glenn Close and Oliva Wilde.

"To have the celebrities, and not only the celebrities - clients, to buy the pieces and wear the pieces it validates my point of view and it validates vision for what I'm doing and it's a great feeling."

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