Jeff Brazier's sons Bobby and Freddy remember their late mum Jade Goody on Mother's Day

Jeff Brazier and his two sons Bobby and Freddy, who he shares with Jade Goody, paid their respects to the late TV star on Mother's Day. The life coach and his children laid flowers at the cemetery where Jade is buried, followed by a trip to Brighton Pier.

Single dad Jeff took to Instagram to share a poignant message with his followers. Alongside a photo of the flowers, he wrote: "My respect and admiration for my beautiful brave boys grows stronger every time we do this.

"I'm really grateful they continually choose to remember Jade with such enthusiasm and duty because she would be very proud of herself for being such a great mum and giving them the start in life that she did."


Jeff Brazier wrote: "I'm really grateful they continually choose to remember Jade with such enthusiasm and duty"

Jeff and Jade were in a relationship from 2002 to 2004. When the reality TV star sadly passed away of cervical cancer in 2009, when her sons were just four and five, Jade left full custody of her sons to Jeff.

Every month Bobby and Freddy set aside one day to celebrate their late mum. Speaking previously to HELLO! Online, Jeff revealed: "We always talk about Jade and always do things to celebrate her life, which is the way we like to look at it. We always try and make the 15th, but if we're doing something that day then we say the 14th or 16th.

"We'll always just try and maintain that standard so we know that we're doing everything that we can for us, because we know that expressing how we feel and talking about mummy is a good thing for us to do."

Jady Goody was 27 when she sadly passed away

The presenter has gradually been sharing more photos of his sons on social media as they've grown older. He gave his permission for a photo collage of Bobby and Freddy to be shared on a Facebook page dedicated to Jade, on Mother's Day.

Alongside the photos of the two grown-up boys was the comment: "Good afternoon all. Hope you have had a lovely day. We get hundreds of questions every week asking how Bobby and Freddy are, and what they both look like now. I have spoken to Jeff (the boys' dad) and he has given me his permission to share with you a recent picture of the boys and with it being Mother's Day, it seemed the perfect time."

Jeff, pictured with his girlfriend Kate, celebrates Jade's life once a month with his sons

A message from Jeff also noted: "Jade would be so proud of them both and I am sure you will agree they are both beautiful young men."

The photo collage also included a particularly heart-breaking picture of Jade with her sons, when they were just young boys.

The single dad has called his son Freddy his "hero"

It sounds like older brother Bobby is taking after his mum. "I have an eldest who is very much like his mum in a lot of respects," Jeff told HELLO! Online. "Bob's got the football, he's got the dancing… Bobby's very different to Freddy. He's very confident, he's got lots to be confident about."

And as for Freddy? "What I love most about Fred is he literally can't bear a grudge for more than a minute without him wanting to forget about it and move on and that's a really beautiful trait," said Jeff.

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