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Jeff Brazier talks to HELLO! Online about having another child and his pride at sons Bobby and Freddy

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Jeff Brazier has revealed he would love to welcome a baby sister for his sons Bobby and Freddy. The television presenter, who has raised the boys since their mum Jade Goody lost her battle with cancer in 2009, said he has already talked about starting a family with his girlfriend Kate Dwyer.

"Yeah I think it's something that we would want to do," Jeff told HELLO! Online. "I've always said I'd like to experience having a little girl because I've definitely experienced having little boys."

The 36-year-old also revealed that he already has a name in mind for his daughter if and when the time comes.

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Jeff Brazier said he would be "privileged" to have a child with his girlfriend Kate

"A little girl called Isabella – the name's there. Little Isabella, she's due to arrive at some stage but I don't really know when. Another reason why I'm so excited is firstly I've found a woman that I would be absolutely privileged to raise a child with, but also I think the boys would be the most incredible older brothers and I would really love them to experience that before they get too miserable in their teenage years."

Speaking to Jeff, it's clear he is completely smitten with his girlfriend – who he has been dating since early 2014 – and he says that he feels "really grateful" to have met her when he did.

"We're really happy and I feel like Kate is just everything that I could possibly want in a partner. She's the first opinion that I want to ask, and she's the first person that I want to tell my good news to and I just feel wonderfully grateful to have her," Jeff explained. "I feel really grateful to have met her at the time in my life that I did, because I think that's when I was probably more ready than I've ever been to have a great relationship with somebody."

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Jeff said he is a "proud dad" of his sons Bobby and Freddy

Kate has also formed a strong bond with Jeff's sons Bobby, 12, and Freddy, ten. The doting dad couldn't be more proud of his children, and revealed that Bobby in particular is taking after his mum.

"I have an eldest who is very much like his mum in a lot of respects and I have a youngest who everyone is like 'who is he more like?' But to be honest, I think he's own creation," Jeff confided. "What I love most about Fred is he literally can't bear a grudge for more than a minute without him wanting to forget about it and move on and that's a really beautiful trait."

Jeff recently described Freddy as his "hero" for showing compassion to a friend whose mum is suffering with cancer, something he tells us is a "special" personality trait.

"I want to see my kids with direction, with a sense of self, with confidence and happiness and Fred has just stumbled, naturally, across doing something that tells him about who he really is."

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Jeff described his youngest son Freddy as his "hero"

As for Bobby? "Bob's got the football, he's got the dancing… Bobby's very different to Freddy," Jeff said. "He's very confident, he's got lots to be confident about. For different reasons to Fred he's got it all in front of him. Like Freddy, he's in a really good place but very individual."

While the boys are in a "good place", they continue to remember and grieve for their mum, with Jeff setting aside a day each month for them to focus on the late reality TV star.

He explained: "We always talk about Jade and always do out things to celebrate her life, which is the way we like to look at it. We always try and make the 15th, but if we're doing something that day then we say the 14th or 16th.

"We'll always just try and maintain that standard so we know that we're doing everything that we can for us, because we know that expressing how we feel and talking about mummy is a good thing for us to do."

Jeff's parenting approach appears to be paying off with both children described as "very happy" and "very social". However one thing he does admit to struggling with at times, like any parent, is balancing his career with looking after them – especially during the summer holidays.

"Sometimes you don't organise yourself well enough so you just have to drag them along," Jeff says. "It just means that we have to be off the cuff and I'm lucky that my job allows me to do that."

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