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Drake being scared on Ellen is the best video you'll watch today

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Drake had the living daylights scared out of him during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The chat show host managed to terrify the unsuspecting rapper by having one of her staffers jump out at him.

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The staffer was hiding in a box, disguised as a table, between Ellen and Drake.

When Ellen said, "I'm gonna keep you in my pocket and Demerjay in the box", the man leaped out, startling Drake who jumped out of his seat.



Drake's reaction when Ellen's staffer jumped out at him

The Hotline Bling rapper had to stand up and compose himself, and take a sip of water as he calmed down.

"I can't believe you thought somebody was in the box and there was somebody in the box," said Ellen.

"Well great minds think alike," said Drake, who was still wiping sweat from his brow.

"I don't know what I was ready to do," he added, trying to explain his hand movement. "It was like a vampire block or something, I don't know what it was."

"It would have been funny if it was Demarjay in there," laughed Ellen.


"I don't know what I was ready to do," said Drake

The pair were chatting about a young "kid trainer" Demarjay Smith, who they have both met in the past. Ellen joked about how she wished she could keep the eight-year-old in a box close to her because she was so fond of him.

The comedian also poked fun at the rumours surrounding Drake and his rumoured love interest Rihanna. When a picture flashed up of the two artists dancing together intimately, Drake was adamant that the pair are "just friends".

"That's friendship at its finest, right there," said Drake, laughing at the raunchy photo.

"That's friendship! Yeah me and my friends always do that. I was with a friend of mine last week and we were just like ''Hey, let's do this!'"

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