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Chris Hemsworth surprises teenager who returned his lost wallet – watch here

chris hemsworth
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Chris Hemsworth went out of his way to reward a teenage fan who returned his wallet after he lost it the airport. The Thor star surprised the boy during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he was sat in the audience alongside his parents.

The Australian actor explained that he had accidentally left his wallet on the table following a meal, and was convinced he would never see it again.

chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth lost his wallet during a recent trip to the airport

"I went to pick up my wife and daughter from the airport and we were a little early so we were killing some time and went to have something to eat," Chris said. "It was a pretty rough little area and we sat down and I left my wallet on the table, and thought 'I'm never going to get it back, I'm never going to see it again.'"


He continued: "My business manager contacts me because it's my address on my licence, and this letter from this young boy which we have here today and he's found my wallet. He's a scout. So he sent the wallet to me and he said 'P.S. Mum saw you were on Ellen this week and asked if we could have some tickets.'"

The Thor star rewarded the boy who returned his wallet

The pair fulfilled the boy's wish by offering him tickets to the show, and invited him to join them on stage. There he recalled how he was "speechless" upon discovering that the wallet belonged to the Hollywood actor and did everything he could to return it to its owner.

He was rewarded by being given the cash from Chris' wallet, with the actor saying he assumed it would have already been taken after going missing. He was also granted with a thank you letter from the actor plus $10,000 towards his college tuition fees from image publishing company Shutterfly.

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