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Whitney Port on 'The Hills' 10 years later and if she'll ever do reality TV again

By Alexandra Hurtado

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Life might have been unwritten for the cast of The Hills a decade ago, but sincestarring on the beloved MTV series, Whitney Port has gone on to write a newchapter in her book. On the 10th anniversary of the show's finale, long gone arethe days of interning at Teen Vogue with Lauren Conrad. Now, the 31-year-old isin the midst of building her own fashion empire and enjoying married life.

“It’s crazy that it’s been 10 years. So much hasobviously changed in all of our lives,” the Goodness Knows spokeswoman told HELLO! ahead of Bike to Work Day. “I loved the show. I think it was areally fun show and I’m really proud to have been on it.”


Whitney says she's "definitely thinking" about starting a family – but not quite yet Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Marie Claire

Whitney, who starred on the reality series for fourseasons before moving on to The City, tied the knot with her husband Tim Rosenman back in November after having met onthe set of her MTV spin-off. Sincewalking down the aisle, life has only gotten better for the TV personality.


“It’s just better to have a partner and a bestfriend," she shared. "Someone to really rely on and someone to just be that supportsystem for you that’s always just going to be there – that you don’t have to worryis going to bounce one day. It’s just a really great feeling tohave that protection.”

Down the line, Whitney would love to follow in the footsteps of former Hills stars Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari and have children. "I would love to eventually start a family that’s definitely something I’m thinking about but not yet," she revealed. "I’m taking my time and just enjoying married life at the moment."

And while Whitney is definitely open to returning to television don't expect to see her personal life play out on screen. She explained, “I don’t know that I would show my personal life as much. I’m married and I want to keep that relationship sacred.” Though she noted, "It would be fun to do something again."


Whitney and Tim got married in November of last year Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Wedding Paper Divas

The Whitney Eve designer famously dated Jay Lyon on The City. Recalling their on-screenrelationship, Whitney said, “That was big for me because I had never shown a relationshipon camera before so that took some getting used to. It was a big growing periodin my life.”


With all the friendships and relationships that aired on TV, Whitney revealed the sole cast member that she's remained close to after all these years. "The only person I really keep in touch with is Roxy [Olin] from The City," she confessed. "Everyone else has just kind of gone their ways."

But just because she's not frolicking through the Hollywood Hills with LC and Audrina doesn't mean there are any hard feelings. She shared, "I would be excited and love to see any one of them. I just haven't had a close relationship with anybody."

All-in-all, starring on the hit reality series was agreat experience for Whitney. “It’s really pushed me to a level that I don’tknow if I would have ever gotten to. It allowed me this exposure that is sodifficult to get especially in fashion,” she said. As for her biggest takeaway from her reality daysshe revealed, “Really had to dowith confidence. It really had to do with having so many eyes on you and somany eyes seeing what is going on in your personal life and really trying hardnot to care about that.”

Whitney continued, “I think that has infiltrated intomy confidence where I can wear what I want, say what I want and not really careabout what strangers are going to think about me – because they don’t really knowme.”

Whitney told us her fashion regret was this polka-dot ensemble from 2007 Photo: Mark Sullivan/WireImage

However, looking back on her Hills wardrobe, the fashion designer does regret some of her “crazy” red carpet looks. Watching the show these days she said, “I don’t know how anybody ever thought I had good style because some of my fashion choices were just out of control. But then you have to think okay that was the time. What I was wearing had to be on trend or at least I hope so.”

Whitney added, “I went through a phase. I didn’thave a stylist at first. It’s very different showing up to a red carpet anddressing yourself than when you have a professional that’s really helping withdressing your figure and knowing what looks good in a picture as opposed to inreal life and yeah. There’s so many different looks that were so crazy.”

One memorable fashion regret was her look for The Hills season finale event in 2007. She said, “[I wore] a red dress with blackpolka dots and like ringlet curls and possibly green or blue eye shadow. Idon’t know what I was thinking, and I’m surprised anybody let me walk out thedoor like that!”

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