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Gina Rodriguez talks finding confidence and owing 'everything' to her mom

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Gina Rodriguez didn't just get her "dramatic flair" from her mum, Magali Rodriguez, but also her confidence. The sweet mother-daughter pair teamed up for Lord & Taylor's new Mother's Day Campaign to discuss their relationship and style. "I'm thrilled to be part of Lord & Taylor's initiative celebrating every mum. I owe everything to my mum and loved shooting this by her side," the Jane the Virgin star told HELLO!'s sister publication HOLA! USA. "It was such an inspiring project and incredible opportunity to celebrate everything she's done for me. My hope is that everyone out there finds a unique way to celebrate their moms this Mother's Day!"


Gina and her mother star in Lord & Taylor's 2017 Mother's Day campaign Photo: Courtesy of Lord & Taylor

From the start of her career, Gina admitted that her mother has served as her number one cheerleader. The 32-year-old said, "The consistent memory I have of my mother is always supporting me, always being there for me, always telling me I was capable of anything and everything. That I was beautiful just the way I was. That I can continue to open doors by being a sound character versus anything else."

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While the Hollywood star is used to getting glammed up for red carpets, her mother noted that beauty isn't just about physical appearances. Magali said, "Beauty means loving. Being good to yourself. Being good to others and just enjoying you day." Gina credits her mum for having “instilled a strong sense of self” in her. She explained, "[My mum] always taught us to feel confident first before anything else and that we made the clothes, the clothes didn't make us. Confidence is the best dress on a woman."


The supermodel said, 'I'm so grateful for my kids' Photo: Courtesy of Lord & Taylor

Supermodel Christie Brinkley, 63, and her 18-year-old daughter Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook starred in another video for the campaign. The college student confessed, "I've never looked at my mum as some like superhuman supermodel. I always just saw her as my mum sitting in pyjamas in the mornings and like just doing average stuff." Meanwhile the mum-of-three noted, "True beauty is compassion and empathy and a desire to do the right thing."


Celebrate Every Mom Ft. Gina Rodriguez and Her Mother Magali

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